Visuals The game’s art looks really washed out and not really up to snuff compared to previous titles. In some cases you are really disappointed in the washed out colors, but in other areas the game seems to look fine. The times the art looks best is inside the paintings, but that is just a minor part of the game.
Audio You have the default music new to Lydie and Suelle which are on par with previous Atelier games. You can even download the free soundtracks from other games to remix into the current title. The worst part of this is the lack of English VO, while they were not great, they were still available.
Replayability You will be replaying the game in New Game+ to get everything else you wanted for Trophies and the sweet uber loot. This is a staple of the series and NG+ is so much more fun.
Difficulty The game is not that hard, its difficulty is just about gathering certain ingredients for items and weapons. You may run into a dungeon or area you are too low level to complete, but a grind is part of JRPG!